Computer Organization and Arquitecture

Note this is the English version of the website in Catalan for the course Arquitectura i Enginyeria de Computadors I (Note: Some of the contents in the Catalan version are outdated. Please, refer to Guia Docent and this English version for the arrangements of AEC I during the course 2007-2008)

Current Announcements and Assignments for Students


File with evaluation updated.

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Course Objectives

The student will learn concepts related to advanced computer architectures (as specified in the Syllabus) .

Additionally, the student will get relevant experience on objective-driven and team working, cooperative and self-learning, technical reading, writting and presentation as well as information research.


The following links provide the notes for this course. I strongly recommend the student to firstly read the relevant chapters/sections of the Stallings book and, then, to read these notes.

  1. Academic Intro [Guia Docent]
  2. PC World
    • PC [R1][R2][R3][R4]
    • CPU evolution: Past, Present and Future [R5][R6][R7]
    • Intel 80386 CPU [R8]
  3. RISC [R9][qué hacer si el enlace R9 no funciona]
    • Fundaments
    • Pipelining
    • RISC vs. CISC
  4. Paralel Arquitectures [R10, sections 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7][R11]
    • Fundaments
    • Flynn taxonomy
    • Amdahl's Law
    • Recommended additional literature: R. Duncan. A Survey of Parallel Computer Architectures. IEEE Computer. Vol. 23, Issue 2, pp. 5-16.1990
  5. Wrap-Up


Labs and lectures schedule

Link to the schedule

Link to academic calendar


The students are to organize in 5-students teams.

Supporting Material

Efficient Reading of Papers in Science and Technology

Advice Collection

Com elaborar un treball acadèmic en 8 passos

Basic Bibliography

  • William Stallings. Computer Organization and Architecture 4/E and 5/E. Prentice Hall.
    (Student resources at and/or
  • John L. Hennessy, David A. Patterson. Arquitectura de computadores, un enfoque
    cuantitativo. Ed. McGraw-Hill. 1995.
  • David A. Patterson, John L. Hennessy. Estructura y diseño de computadores. Interficie
    circuitería/programación. Ed. Reverté, S.A. 2000.

Complementary Bibliography

  • Heuring, V.; Jordan, H., "Computer systems design and architecture", Menlo Park, CA
    [etc.]: Addison Wesley Longman, cop. 1997.
  • Patterson, D; Henessy, J., "Computer Architecture. A quantitative approach", San
    Francisco: Morgan Kaufmann, cop. 2003.
  • Brey, B, "The Intel microprocessors. 8086/8088, 80186/80188, 80286, 80386, 80486,
    Pentium, Pentium Pro Processor, Pentium II, Pentium III and Pentium 4", Upper Saddle
    River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 2003.
  • Tanenbaum, A.S., "Structured computer organization", Upper Saddle River Prentice-Hall
    International cop. 1999.

Web links

  • Dictionary


  • Arquitectura en general:
  • RISC:

  • Memòria:

  • Intel:

  • Arquitectures paral·leles:

Grading Policy

The final mark (EF) is to be calculated as follows:

  • NF = 0.6C + 0.4EF, if C >5 and EF >4
  • if C < 5 or EF < 4:
    • NF = 0.6C + 0.4EF, given that NF < 4.9
    • NF = 4.9, given that 0.6C + 0.4EF > 4.9

where EF refers to the mark obtained in the final test, and:

  • C = 0.66P + 0.34TP, i.e. P=0.4NF and T=0.2F

where P referes to the mark obtained in lab sessions and TP referes to the mark obtained in theory and problem lectures.


Past Announcements and Assignments for Students


Exam revisions on 10-Jan-2008 from 16:00 to 17:00 (as announced during the exam) in office 347.


Students can use any notes during the exam.

The exam contains questions and problems related to the Syllabus, i.e., related to the material seen during the lectures (the lab is excluded).


Material to prepare exam here.

Next week, monday or friday, is your last chance to review your weekly work. Please, send email to the professor in case you want to arrange an appointment. Next week lecture will be used to review weekly work with those teams arranged to do so.


Assignment of readings due to 23-Nov-2007


Assignment of readings due to 09-Nov-2007

Lab document evaluation


Assignment of readings due to 02-Nov-2007


Teams of P12 lab work due to 26-10-2007 at 14:30. E-mail your assignment to the professor.

Teams of P11 lab work due to 22-10-2007 at 14:30. E-mail your assignment to the professor.

Lab room for monday 22-10-2007: 103

Assignment of readings due to 26-Oct-2007


Assignment of readings due to 19-Oct-2007


File with components of lab topics added


File with components of lab teams added

Assignment of presentations due to 5-Oct-2007


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